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We’ve Gone Green  with Solar
We produce electricity from our 40 Solar panels.
The power is used by us and what is not used goes back into the electrical grid.
In doing so, we are cutting our CO2 emissions, producing environmentally
green energy, along with our every day practice of the three R’s.
See How Much We Saved With Some Examples Below

Solar panels on roof

As of July 5, 2022

Our Solar Lifetime Production of C02 Free Energy is
Equivalent to: 100.16 MWh.  
This is equivalent to preventing 78,500 lbs of coal being burned or 8,000 gallons of gasoline being used to drive 178,400 miles. It would have taken 1,200 trees over 10 years to remove the same amount of greenhouse emissions from the atmosphere.

Our equivalent Lifetime CO2 Saved is over 69,000 Kg.