15 min. Free Assessment with Every Treatment


Complete health history and physical holistic
assessment of the body.
Full Report with Holistic Protocols Customized
to Meet your Individual Needs.

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What is the Full Holistic Health Assessment and Report?

This is a complete and thorough assessment of your health and wellness.

Including ayurvedic analysis, spine analysis check, reflex zone checks, iridology eye analysis, legs length discepancy and body assessment.

Your Report includes copies of all assessments and recommendations for a holistic blueprint, road to wellness, naturally. Learn to balance your mind, body and spirit.

Learn More About You!

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What are the Benefits of the Full Holistic Health Assessment and Report?

Gain insight and experience with a natural approach to your health and wellness

We customized wellness programs, designed with your 3 main issues in mind. Discover which combination of holistic treatments will give you maximum benefit! 


The Holistic Health Reports creates a full and complete picture of your health situation with mention of all area's of weakness and holistic therapy solutions for your main issues, as well as food, lifestyle and nutrition recomendations. Understand your health.

Sometimes we have been negating our health for many years, we don't realize that it would be a good idea to get a full health and wellness profile, to get a starting point and a plan of action. With cancer and disease so common today, why not focus our energy on wellness and prevention. With this report it helps us to be more proactive about our health.

This Assessment is recommended every 1-2 years. Once you have a starting point, you will be able to clearly compare report to report. Especially useful if you have more issues surfacing.


Clients say the assessement has help them know there body better.


60 to 90 Minutes Holistic Health Assessment

with Report and Protocals    $120

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