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Thai Hot Stem Massage pictures

Thai Stem Massage Review

Barbara S, Barrie

`Victoria’s Hot Thai Stem Massage is the most Amazing 90 minute massage, I have ever experienced. With the wonderful aroma of the many herbs and oils in the stem balls, it was so relaxing. I came away feeling extremely rejuvenated and my aches and pains were totally non-existent. Later I was able to place the balls over my air vents to fill the house with the aroma of herbs.”

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Review

Debbie, Innisfil

“Just experienced bliss at Victoria's Holistic Day Spa. The hour long full body aromatherapy massage is an experience worthy of the gods. From the music softly playing in the background, to the tinkling of water, you will be swept away by Victoria's skillful hands and the incredible, delectable personal scents she crafts just for you.

I was swept out of my head, completely in the moment. At the end of the massage, as I dressed I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and smiled. I was glowing, looked so young and I felt amazing! As I settle in and watch my partner begin to mellow as his own massage, I know this is an experience we will have again.

I have taken advantage of spa time in Barrie, Toronto, Niagara on the lake and Mexico, but I must confess Victoria's Holistic day spa is the best spa day ever!

Please don't tell all your friends or I will lose my coveted Saturday morning spot.”

Women getting a Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage Review

Cindy, Barrie

“Indian Head Massage has made a positive difference in my life. My neck and Shoulders are no longer aching and fatigued from built up stress and muscle tension. My sinus condition is much improved (to the point where I have been able to eliminate the use of my sinus medication).

In addition to the physical benefits of Indian head massage, I have noticed a feeling of increased calmness and peace, a sense of balance and a renewed energy for life. Victoria provides an excellent service with her Indian head massage.”


“While at a cottage this summer I came upon Victoria’s Holistic Day Spa. What a blessing, I immediately signed up for a series of “Indian Head Massage.” They were incredible allowing me to focus better, release my neck and tension & the best is I am tackling & organizing my home & office. Victoria always makes me feel welcome, safe, secure and very relaxed. With much gratitude,”

“If you has said to me “Indian Head Massage” a year ago, I would have said, “WHAT ???”. Today I say it is a wonderful, helpful and beneficial experience. It is wonderful for the same reason that any massage is. I found the massage helpful in that it has decreased the amount of stress and tension in my shoulders, back and especially my head. I am a migraine sufferer. I can finally say it is a beneficial experience. I have experienced more energy and less headaches. What an amazing thing it is!”

“This summer I had the opportunity to meet Victoria Goodman from Victoria’s Holistic Day Spa. I have experienced a variety of treatment (therapies) and have been impressed beyond my expectations. Victoria’s extensive holistic background enables her to promote healing and wellness. I view Victoria as a gifted therapist.”

“I suffer from migraine headaches and Indian Head Massage have proven to be very beneficial in helping to relieve & I strongly believe, prevent my chronic headache pain with regular treatments.

Tension & stiffness in my neck & shoulders has dissipated over time & swelling & soreness in the back of my head (which I call my headache bone & where my migraines seem to originate before moving behind my one eye & into my sinuses) is relieved quite often before this can happen.

Along with this, an Indian Head Massage has the added benefit of leaving me feeling relaxed, calm & with an overall sense of well being.”

“I have suffered from migraines for 3 years. I didn’t know what an Indian Head Massage was until I went to Victoria’s Spa. I’ve been going for the past 10 months. I am not as stressed and I have much less migraines and it feels amazing! It’s the only thing that works for me.”

“Received a phone call earlier from the daughter of a homecare client who said the humidity had given her a migraine & could I come in to give mom dinner & put her to bed….and it occurred to me, not only did I not have a headache, the possibility hadn’t even occurred to me.

    A remarkable change in my life since I started Indian Head Massage - no headaches and even better, the freedom from worry of a headache.

    I normally watch weather very closely as a fall in pressure will guarantee a migraine for me.

    I started Indian Head Massage about four months ago. Have no had a migraine in that time and as evidenced after that phone call I hadn’t even realized that I no longer care what the barometer says.”

“Victoria and Indian Head massage has given me a much stronger sense of myself. By learning to deep breath, to visualize calming colours and releasing negativity. I have become much calmer and have started to look at life as beautiful! Thanks Victoria.”

The Indian Head Massages have completely changed the type of headaches that I have had for years and would highly recommend it for anyone. We all have busy and stressful lives, this is the perfect treatment for anyone.”

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