Indian Head Massage At The Office

How does it work?
3 payment options to choose from

Customized Services Available


We can provide an ‘Indian Head Massage At The Office‘ for your company employees.
We have 3 options available
1) Wellness Days (per Therapist)
2) Hosted Pay as You Go or

3) Wellness Gift Vouchers
for your employees.

This is a particularly effective way of dealing with stress-related problems, which have been found to affect over 60% of the working population.

Indian Head Massage is arguably the most suitable treatment for the workplace as it can be performed through light clothing from a seated position. Benefits can be seen from treatments as short as 15 minutes.

We provide Insured, Professional, Indian Head Massage Practitioner's to carry out treatments at your Office or at our Spa to redeem Vouchers.

Treatments are 15 or 30 minutes long. Companies who work with us use the 30 minute treatment for maximum benefit.

Please note: If time allows, employees may schedule a 2nd time on the same day. Indicated for more specific issues, i.e. pain, headaches, etc…


Wellness Days (per Therapist)

Our on-site therapy service for businesses will provide a fully qualified and insured therapist or therapists to visit your business for the day to give Indian Head Massage treatments to your employees.

Wellness Days can be arranged Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or as a one-off event (i.e. Employee Appreciation Day, Therapy Day), or customized specifically for your particular requirements. Other modalities are available. i.e. Reflexology, Bowen Therapy for Pain.

The only requirement is a normal office chair. Treatments can be performed at employees desk or in the lunch room with access to sink. Treatments can be 15, 30 or 60 minutes per session. Staff can receive treatment on lunch or coffee breaks, at the start or end of their working day. However most employers allow staff time off during their working day for treatment.


Hosted Pay as You Go

Your company takes the booking for the employees sessions and provides the space, and the employees settle the cost directly with the therapist on the day of the treatment.

Alternatively, your company might decide to partially subsidize the treatment (e.g.: 50% or more of the cost can be provided by the company).

The cost of an Indian Head massage depends on its duration.


Wellness Gift Vouchers

An Indian Head Massage treatment is the perfect gift for your staff, as it will make them feel treated with respect and a caring attitude, as well as taken care of in their physical well-being. You can also offer Indian Head Massage Gift Vouchers to your employees as a bonus or incentive. The employee will then arrange the massage session directly with the Practitioner in their premises at Victoria’s Holistic Day Spa in Innisfil.

How It Works

1 Must be a Business to purchase Indian Head Massage treatments. Discounts are provided, making this gift voucher particularly cost- effective.

2 You choose how many vouchers you wish to purchase for your staff.

3 You contact us by phone or email, mentioning the number of vouchers you’d like to buy for your staff.

4 You can pay by phone or online. 

5 The vouchers are emailed or mailed out right away. Either directly to you, or directly to them.

6 Your chosen recipient gets the voucher (s), with full redemption details on the reverse, and are very happy.

7 Your chosen recipient books his or her therapy session by contacting Victoria’s Holistic Day Spa.

8 The therapeutic session goes brilliantly. They thank you lots and lots for such a wonderful and thoughtful present.

9 You decide to make a booking for yourself, as you want to feel the way they feel!

OPTION 1 FEES - Wellness Days

Our Standard Pricing Guide (Per Therapist) for Wellness Days:

Regularity of Wellness Days:           Daily Rate:           *Regularity Savings:

One-Day                                                   $300                               0.0%

Two Monthly                                          $285                               5.0%

Monthly                                                   $270                             10.0%

Weekly                                                     $255                             15.0%

Twice Weekly                                         $240                             20.0%

Daily Rates include:

    Return travel to and from the site.

    All necessary therapy equipment to carry out each treatment.

    Full Professional Liability Insurance for each therapist.

*We are a small company that does not act as an agency. This allows us to offer our services at a price at least 25% lower with respect to other companies.

OPTION 2 FEES - Hosted Pay as You Go

15 minutes for $ 30

30 minutes for $ 45

60 minutes for $ 65

OPTION 3 FEES - Wellness Gift Vouchers

# of Employees 15min. 30min. 1 hr.

5-10 $ 25 $ 40 $ 60

11-20 $ 23 $ 35 $ 55

21-50 $ 20 $ 30 $ 50

51 plus please call or email

Our Terms & Privacy Policy for Corporate Wellness Days

I understand that the personal details of my employees will be handled with strict confidentiality and will not be shared with third parties.

For Wellness Days. I understand that the price of the Wellness Day refers to the cost of having an on-site therapist for the day for 7 hours ( i.e. 9 - 4 with 2 - 15min. breaks and a 30min. lunch), regardless of the number of employees receiving the treatment. The duration of each treatment will depend on the number of employees treated per day, with a longer therapy sessions available for companies with a low number of employees. The details of the numbers of employees treated per Wellness days will be stipulated in advance. A 24 hours full refund cancellation policy applies for Wellness Days.

For the Hosted Pay As You Go option, a minimum of 4 hours total treatment time per day is required. The company will arrange the booking schedule making sure that the time between each treatment does not exceed 30 minutes. A 24 hours full refund cancellation policy applies.

For Gift Vouchers, I understand that my details will NOT be passed on to anyone else without my permission. I understand that Gift Vouchers can only be used in payment towards the cost of treatments with Victoria’s Holistic Day Spa Practitioner. Vouchers must be redeemed by the date of expiration (6 months from the date of purchase) after such time they become invalid.


Should You Require More Info or Would Like To Be Contacted.

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All our payments are processed by PayPal, the safer way to pay, knowing that your details are never shared.
You can pay from your PayPal Account or by Credit/Debit Card without a PayPal account.  Receipt will say Goodman Enterprises