Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatment
using natural plant oil essences,

Essential oil being put in hand

What is an Aromatherapy
Back/Body Treatment (AT)?

Our AT is a holistic massage, using essential oils for boosting health and wellness. Essential oils are custom-blended, based on the needs of the client and their health history. Essential oils are steam distilled from trees, plants, flowers. They are made up of naturally occurring, chemical compounds. Essential oils enter thru our skin and respiratory system. This relaxes the mind, thru our sense of smell and the body with a lymphatic style of massage. Pressure points around the shoulder blades and spinal channel, are applied. Which help drain toxins away from the spine and CNS. It is Recommended 1 AT per month for general stress and tension.

What are the Benefits of Aromatherapy Body Treatments?

Treatment is great for dry skin giving an all-over relief from dryness.

All natural Moringa oil and Coconut oil used as the base oil with essential oils custom-blended.

Stimulates circulation and boosts immune system.

Gently alleviates sore tired muscles.

Helps one to unwind before or after a holiday.

Very relaxing for body, uplifting, balancing effect on mind.

Women getting an Aromatherapy treatment


What can I expect from an AT?

Health history will be taken, essential oils custom-blended, professional towel technique, expect to be relaxed, may feel like jello, best not to plan anything strenuous after ABT, drink fluids to help flush toxins.

Can I have AT when pregnant?

In your first trimester it is best to avoid essential oils, after 4 months there are oils that may be used safely, such as lavender and teatree. Client is supported with rolls and cushions, option to lay on side.
Highly recommended 2-3 times prior to delivery date.

Will having an AT stain my clothes?

Little to no staining with the carrier oils used, occasionally a resinoid/absolute oil is used which may cause slight staining, Gibson towels provided to tuck into collared shirts.

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per treatment
  • 30 Minutes
  • Aromatherapy
  • Back Treatment
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per treatment
  • 60 Minutes
  • Aromatherapy
  • Full Body Treatment
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